A few words about me, from Paul Miguel, who helped set me on my journey…


“When Scott turned up I could have been forgiven for thinking he was a hardcore wildlife photographer. Sporting a top of the range digital SLR and some huge lenses, it was fair to say I was a little envious of Scott’s kit bag! This was only the second wildlife photography outing for Scott, having spent many years as a professional shooting commercially. It was also the second outing for his 600mm which, upon purchase, had been placed on an office shelf where it promptly sat for the next three years – Sacrilege to a wildlife photographer!

It was fascinating to see Scott’s unease at photographing outdoors after working in studios using complicated flash set-ups. He was certainly the first person I met who found it odd photographing outside! His wildlife knowledge is limited, but he’s been constantly fascinated by the natural world, watching endless wildlife programs and documentaries. Now he’s getting out there and giving it a go himself. What I love about Scott is his attention to detail – and this serves him well when creating an image. For Scott, it really is about creating something special; capturing the moment. Snapping average wildlife shots is not the goal.

It’s been an enjoyable time working with Scott and I never fail to be entertained by his good-natured humour and Yorkshire wit!”